Perfect Garden tips!

Outdoor spaces can be more than just places where you grow the customary garden. The right garden furniture can help you make the best out of any outdoor space around your home. The best part about creating an outdoor space with furniture is that you are essentially adding another room to the house without the limitations of four walls and without having to spend too much. Read on to know how to choose the right garden furniture for your outdoor space.

Pick the right materials.

There are certain materials that naturally last long even when exposed to the elements. These include aluminium, wrought iron, recycled plastics and polymers, and of course, wood. Wrought iron furniture is heavy enough to stand its ground even in bad weather. You may need to store it inside during the winter and do periodic touch-ups to keep rust at bay, but aside from these, wrought iron is low maintenance and it lasts long. Aluminium furniture do not rust, are very light so they can easily be moved from one area of your garden to another and come in different finishes to fit the colour and style of your house. Recycled plastics and polymers are great for beach climates, can be made to resemble any kind of material such as wood or steel and will not rust. If you want a more rustic look and feel, weather-resistant wood like teak, cedar, and redwood are good options.

Choose weather-treated garden furniture.

Most types of outdoor furniture are designed to withstand the elements but not all are designed to be left outside all year round. Look for garden furniture that is weather-treated specifically to withstand summer heat, rain, and harsh snow and sleet without any problems.

Mind the size

Determine how large you want your outdoor living area to be. This is important because you want to avoid buying a garden set that may be too small or too large for your garden. Buy furniture that is too large and you could end up with a cramped outdoor living area. Furniture that is too small,on the other hand, may end up looking awkward in a large, outdoor space.

Choose furniture that complements your home's architecture.

If you have a traditional home with a garden lined with pavers or cobblestones, you can choose from various types of outdoor furniture from wicker pieces to wrought iron tables and chairs. A modern home with a minimalist, Zen-like style can be complimented by aluminium or plastic furniture with bold shapes and clean, fluid lines.

Match furniture with your personal style.

If you want to give your outdoor living spaces a casual vibe, wrought iron, aluminium, wood and even plastic can work perfectly. Wood fixtures can be used to complete a tropical garden. If you want to give your cottage garden a more Victorian feel, wrought iron is the perfect choice. Recycled plastic or aluminium are great options for no-fuss, minimalist gardens.

You have all the freedom in the world to choose the garden furniture that fits your garden, patio or any type of outdoor space. As long as it fits right and made of material that will make lounging outside with the family an enjoyable activity, any garden furniture you choose can help you transform any outdoor space into something that is useful, comfortable and cosy.